Registered Sanitarian

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Special Notice:

On July 13, 2014 NEHA began using a modified exam for the REHS credential. According to feedback from students that have taken this modified exam, our Workbook is still the best reference to study for this modified exam. In an effort to remain cutting edge to the material on this "new" exam, Walter has revised the Workbook to reflect the changes in the exam.  The 32nd Edition, newly revised for 2018, is now available for purchase. 

The Workbook is a comprehensive self-study manual. It can function as both a review for the prepared candidate and as a starting point for the beginning candidate.

It has been designed to accompany the REHS-RS Examination Prep Course but will greatly assist the student unable to attend a class.

The REHS RS exam is also known as the Registered Environmental Health Specialist Exam, Registered Sanitarian Exam, and the Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner Exam. By successfully passing this exam, you become eligible for the National Environmental Health Association's (NEHA) most prestigious REHS / RS credential.

The entire goal of the workbook is focused on helping you pass the Exam.

Chapters include:

1) Our Precious Water;

2) Recreational Water Sanitation;

3) HouseHold Hazardous Waste;


5) Noise Pollution;

6) Bioterrorism;

7) Institutions and Housing Standards;

8) Legal and Administrative;

9) Air Pollution;

10) Zoonosis and Communicable Disease Vectors and Weeds;

11) Food and Dairy Protection;

12) Private OnSite WasteWater Disposal;

13) Radiation Protection;

14) OSHA, HAZMAT and Toxic Substances;

15) Solid, Hazardous, and Medical Waste.

Most chapters conclude with a self study quiz from the CDCs.

"Cost me money and my time, but I would never have studied without this help from Walter and his book. Worth it!" M.K. from Illinois.

Cost: $199.00
Shipping:  $13
Total: $212.00

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