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Reviews and Comments

Reviews and Comments about the
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Via email May 23, 2016
I was one of your students at the Madison class and I took my exam last week
(Spring 2016) and got a 770 score.  My only weak area was in “Promoting Environmental Public Health Awareness” as I did not have any study material on that.  Thank you for your help with the class and study material for me to get this done.  It is a load off my mind now.  Thanks, Dale

Via email Dec 18, 2013
Good Morning,
I passed the test. I wish I studied more about soil color and I needed more information about Housing.
Your book was very helpful and your class was great.
Thanks again,

Eric Via email
Mr.  Saraniecki,
I ended up purchasing your study guide after returning the NEHA and must say it is 100 times better than the NEHA guide. In fact I have sent your link out to my fellow Navy Environmental Health Officers after I told them all how good it was and several were interested in purchasing it so hopefully more business will come your way! Eric G.

Ben 3/25/2013 11:35:15 PM (GMT)
The course was very helpful as a review and as a test prep device. Tha workbook was amazing by itself and worth more than I paid but your availabitiy to explain the why's not just the what's was invaluable to me. I took the RS test and passed the first time. Thank you so much!
Clare Vidal Guzman 6/25/2012 11:20:30 PM (GMT)
Thanks for your awesome rehs/rs study guide/workbook. I took my test today and passed first try! I strongly recommend your workbook to everyone wanting to take the test or even for just a reference manual for environmental health professionals. P.s I borrowed the book from my mom who also took the test. (Bonita Vidal) Awesomeness!
Ursual Brown 5/11/2012 5:10:56 PM (GMT)

AMY  4/27/2012 3:47:33 PM (GMT)

The workbook was a great resource. I know this book helped me pass the exam. I recommend this book to anyone taking the REHS exam. Thank you to Walter for your support and guidance.
Jennifer Johnson 3/20/2012 3:06:31 PM (GMT)
Mr. Saraniecki, I took your class on April of 2011. I am proud to say that 0n Feb 13 of this year I passed! The information you provided in class and in your workbook gave me the direction I needed. Prior to your class I felt completely overwhelmed and lost on where to even begin studing. Thank you! Jennifer Johnson
WADE 2/2/2012 4:22:09 PM (GMT)

Mr. Saraniecki, I took your class in June 2011 in Ohio. I took the RS test for Texas for the first time on 01/31/2012 and passed. I am so relieved. The info from you class and workbook was all I needed. I crammed for a week before the test using only your workbook. Thanks so much for your knowledge and guidance. Wade
P.H. via LinkedIn

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Walter is a fantastic instructor for the REHS/RS exam review course. He has a lot of knowledge crammed into his head and he is able to deliver this content is a mostly-entertaining way with great educational technique. If anyone were to take a review course in the future, I would certainly suggest the course taught by Walter!”

J.W. via Facebook:
"After taking the review course, the next day 04-15-11, I took the REHS/RS exam and I PASSED with flying colors!!! I'm sooo thrilled and relieved!!! Now Ohio will honor my test score since it's above 70%!!! Thank you so much for your class and the REHS/RS work book!! Couldn't have passed without it!!! "

C.S. via Facebook:
"I took the REHS/RS Test on May 12th and PASSED!!! It was very helpful to take Walters course as a beginning and again as a final review. The workbook is GREAT. I could not of accomplished this enormous task without this resource! Thank you Walter for your dedication to the field of Environmental Health!"
G.G. via Facebook
"I took the REHS exam review course in MA in October and took the test in November.. I passed it the very first time and I have to give all the credit to Mr. Saraniecki's class and workbook which prepared me to take the exam. I hadn't even opened any book before this but then I spent four weekends studying the workbook..everything that... you need to know for the exam is in the workbook!! I will not have passed this test if it wasnt for the 2.5 days class and the workbook that came with it! Thank you Mr. Saraniecki for your hard work and helping us achieve what is considered nearly impossible in the first attempt. :-) "

M.W. via Facebook:
"I passed!! (In the purple shirt) Thanks!!"

M.K. via Facebook:
 "Very good class! Though it is a LOT of information: Our post-test discussions indicated that many of us believe we did very well primarily because of your class! Thank you Walter!"
Comments from

C.R. from Texas via LinkedIn:

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“I participated in Walter's study course for the Texas R.S. exam. The course was interactive and covered the areas addressed by the exam. After taking the course and studying the materials offered, I successfully passed the exam on the first try. I truly attribute my success on the exam to the preparation I received from Walter's course and the study materials he gave us.” 

P.Z. via LinkedIn:

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

“Through my direct experience with Walter and with Saraniecki Institute for Nutrition & Environmental Health, Inc., Walter has subject matter knowledge expertise combined with real experiences that allow him to present and teach with strategic advantage. This provides a foundation and the keys to success. I strongly believe choosing to prepare with provides clear and distinct advantages.”

P.H. via LinkedIn:
“I attended LEHP Preparatory Classes conducted by Walter and some of his associates. The class was very well run, organized and informative. Following his class I participated in the LEHP Test conducted by the State of Illinois Testing Service and received scores in all areas higher than 85% except one. I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the Professional Sanitarian Exams in any state.”

Comments from Walter to a Student regarding the Exam

Dear A.,
If you study my workbook and the practice exams (at the end of most of the chapters), you will pass the exam.  My workbook covers every topic in sufficient detail.
If you are confused about a subject after you have used my workbook do not go to the internet for understanding.  First go to Salvato's book for an explanation.  The exam is based on Salvato.  If after you consulted Salvato's book and you are still confused, then consult the internet.

It does not matter which edition of Salvato you consult.  It is all the same basic physics and biology.  Human fecal material still does not run uphill.

Also remember that the questions will be based on the "BEST OF" answer.  A question might have 2 correct answers, but one is more correct than the other.

Good luck on the exam.

Reviews and Comments for the  Review Workbook

L.T., WI via email
I talked to you in late October of last year when I purchased your workbook and you had asked me to let you know how I did on the test.

I actually took the test just one month later on November 24 and passed (I finally got my confirmation of that today)
Wanted to say thank you for the well thought out workbook.

A.P. via email
"Hello Walter, I wanted to let you know that I took my REHS/RS Exam yesterday (5/2/11) and Passed! So I wanted to thank you for providing an outstanding workbook. Without it, I don't think I would've passed. This was my 3rd time taking the exam, and I purchased your workbook 2 days after failing the last test. So I know your workbook helped.  Thank you."

B.T. via Facebook:
"I found the REHS exam review course workbook to be excellent. It did an excellent job at covering the information I needed for the Texas Registered Sanitation Exam. When I needed more information or clarification, I would google the topic or I would go to the Salvato book. Those three resources were what I needed to pass the exam. The workbook was invaluable."

J.R. via email:
"...Your study guide was integral to my passing the exam first time out.  It filled in the information for the subject areas I don't practice in the field very nicely.  The information was well presented, and the review quistions were invaluable.  I can almost guarantee I would not have passed without it.  I would highly recommend it to anyone taking the exam regardless of their experience/background.  Thank you!"

S.P. via LinkedIn:
“Not having an eidetic memory is one of my many weaknesses. The material Mr. Saraniecki presented in his study guide (a condensation of volumes of material from various sources and materials from his impressive experience base) was a fundamental piece of my REHS/RS test prep process. His work on this manual has created an ideal refresher for those of us wishing to pass the National Environmental Health REHS/RS Exam. Due to my self-imposed time limitations on taking the REHS/RS test, I was unable to attend one of his classroom lectures but the manual itself became invaluable as I reviewed for the test. I think his manual served to congeal the various bits of information, that I had been exposed to, into one knowledge-base that I was able to turn into a passing score on my REHS/RS exam. Thank you, Mr. Saraniecki. I highly recommend his study guide.” 

W.H. via LinkedIn:

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Walter took time to guide and help me pass the REHS/RS exam given by the State of Maryland. Walter was wonderful in his friendly advise on how and what to study for that exam. His book on the RHES/RS exam is priceless! I could not have passed without his book. I am also very grateful for Walter's personal expert guidance and support taking his valuable time to coach and encourage me over the phone. THANK YOU WALTER!! You are indeed a prince among men. Sincerely, "

B.I. via LinkedIn:

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

“When I studied NEHA's REHS/RS exam, I was so overwhelmed by broad range of study materials and did not know where to start. So I was googling about REHS exam materials, and found Walter provides REHS exam prep course in Chicago area. I live in CA, so it was too far to attend the class. So I ordered the Workbook and self-studied. It is a very well made exam preparation workbook. I do not have environmental health background (I am nutrition major), but it provides an outline of each areas in REHS exam and I found it very helpful. I highly recommend his workbook, especially if you are not an environmental health major and just do not know where to start!” 

M.B.V. &  C.V.G. via LinkedIn:

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Walter's REHS/RS Review Course Workbook is valuable, resourceful and reliable for every aspirant to be a credentialed REHS/RS. All the relevant topics had been eloquently presented. The Author shared his expertise. My daughter and I did passed the exams - June 25, 2012, July 27, 2011. Walter's book is highly recommended..."